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Hey Guys!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve spoken to you. Is it too late to say Happy New Year, considering we’re already into the third month of the year?!

Basically, this post is to fill in the gaps and update you all on where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to and what the future holds…

I quit my job at the end of December, with the intention of a relaxing summer, with lots of time for blogging and photo-shoots, before I started my Makeup Artistry course in February. Unfortunately, January turned out to be quite a hard time for me, due to various circumstances in my personal life. In turn, that meant I neglected Always Friday, and left you all in the lurch without explanation. For that I am very sorry, but please know that it was necessary for me to take that time and sort some things that were out of my control.

For the past month however, it has been university that has kept be away. I am currently studying Makeup Artistry and am absolutely loving it. As many of you will know, if you have followed me from the beginning, makeup has long been a passion of mine. Although throughly enjoyable, the course has been very intensive thus far, and has taken up a lot more of my time than I had anticipated.

I will have a little bit more time in the upcoming weeks (Easter weekend and our week long hiatus in April) in which I will endeavor to shoot, write and post as much of my usual content as I can for you all. Until then, I will try my best to keep you all updated with my makeup journey on my social media pages (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – links to which can all be found at the top of the page). I can’t promise frequent, scheduled posts, but I will try to keep you in the loop as often as I can.

I graduate from my course in June, and by then, I expect it will be back to posts as usual.

So don’t write me off just yet – the journey is just beginning. As of right now, it’s definitely not goodbye, it’s see you soon. So stay tuned.


S. xx

” The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you figure out why” – Mark Twain

80’s influence!

Following on from my previous post, recently I’ve been drawing a lot of fashion inspiration from the previous decades – Particularly the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

As some of you may know, next year I will be starting Makeup School, which means I have been furiously saving my money. Therefore, instead of hitting the shops for a bit of retail therapy when I need it, I hit my parents wardrobes to see what I can find.

My Dad is an ex-racing driver so he has a large collection of old motor-racing jackets. Most of them are bright with the team colours which give them a somewhat 80’s feel that I love.

Because this particular jacket has such bright pops of colour, I paired it with a fully white outfit for contrast. The Jacket is 80’s, the white jeans give a 90’s boy-band vibe and my bandana is a nod to the 40’s.  A total mash of era’s but I think it works for a casual yet cool outfit.
Stephanie Sharp

Always Friday Style

Stephanie Sharp NZ

Stephanie Sharp NZ

Stephanie Sharp NZ

Obviously I have a suuper casual style but I promise to have some dressier posts up for you all soon :)

Hope you’re all having an amazing week,

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“Only the gentle are ever really strong” – James Dean

My Style: 90’s Revival

I found this vintage denim shirt of my Dad’s in the back of an old wardrobe the other day and I haven’t been able to stop wearing it. It’s the shirt I never knew I wanted but now I have it, I’ve realised it’s what has been missing from my life. It’s the perfect light wash colour and is slightly oversized. It’s long enough to wear with leggings but also looks rad tucked into high waisted black jeans.

Today I decided to pair it in a way that, a year ago, I would have yelled at myself for. Double Denim. The only time this was acceptable was when Britney and Justin did it at the 2001 AMA’s. But recently, I’ve been trying to wear things I usually wouldn’t. This outfit is still in line with my casual/comfortable everyday style and I think it works because of the different washes of denim.

Double Denim Sneans

Double Denim Street Style

Nike Air Max

AlwaysFriday Street Style

Always Friday Denim Style

What I’m Wearing:

  • Shirt: Vintage “New Hardware” Denim
  • Jeans: Zara
  • Shoes: Nike Air Max

Let me know if double denim is a love or hate thing for you! I’d love to hear your opinions on this trend revival!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“Take the risk, Or lose the chance” – Anon.

NZFW Review: Stolen Girlfriends Club!

This time last week I was running around the Viaduct in Auckland, changing outfits and soaking up all NZFW had to offer. I’ve been so busy recently that I was only able to attend Day 3 (Wednesday) of Fashion Week, but I made the most of my time and loved every second.

One of the highlights, not only of my day, but of the whole week evidentially, was the 10th Birthday Show for Stolen Girlfriends Club. Stolen Girlfriends have always had an almost cult following in New Zealand, creating fashionable yet wearable garments that have a grungy edge. This was the first year I’d been invited to a Stolen show and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Firstly, it’s worth noting, their famous hydrangea print is back in full force! This was definitely a highlight for me as it is the most classically ‘pretty’ print in the collection and it’s not just reserved for the ladies! I love this design in the basic printed t-shirt for men. SGC have always done beautiful cocktail dresses as well, and I particularly have my eye on this one…

Stolen Girlfriends CLub Heavy Petal dress

Heavy Petal Dress – Buy it HERE!

Another personal favourite of mine were the Faux Fur Jackets – perfect for trans-seasonal styling and layering. This light coloured coat reminds me of my youth and has an air of early 2000’s grunge about it which I love.

Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW 2015Sheepless Coat – Buy it HERE!

An obvious crowd favourite were the daring tapestry pieces with a black panther print. Edgy enough to make you stand out in a crowd but not so crazy that you can’t incorporate it into your wardrobe. My favourites were the oversized bomber jacket and the ‘Gwyneth dress’ with a white collar (Pictured below)

Stolen Girlfriends Club Black Panther

Gwyneth Dress – Buy it HERE!

As this was not just any fashion week show, it was Stolen Girlfriends TENTH Birthday, the show of course ended with a bang. Literally. Confetti filled the theatre as the troop took their final walk. Not only did I love the collection but I throughly enjoyed the show. It was a real spectacle. By having the show in the St James Theatre rather than the traditional runway, by having the audience surround the ‘stage’, and being accompanied by a killer soundtrack, made you feel like you were at a rock concert (Stage dive from a model and all).

Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW

Stolen Girlfriends Club NZFW 2015

Stolen Girlfriends Club Finale

Stolen Girlfriends Club


I’d love to know your thoughts if you attended the show, or if not, what your favourite pieces are from the new collection… Leave me a comment here or on Facebook!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble at mediocrity” – Anon.


What I Wore: NZ Fashion Week

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or are from Overseas) you’ll know that this past week was New Zealand Fashion Week. Based at the Viaduct Events Centre in Central Auckland, this is every fashionista’s most important week of the year.

I’ve been so busy recently, that this years Fashion Week snuck up on me, meaning I didn’t apply for or buy any tickets to shows. Luckily for me though I was invited to two shows on Wednesday – the Julian Danger & Itzme show and the highly anticipated Stolen Girlfriends Club show that night. A review of those shows will be up soon, but in the meantime, I thought I’d show you what I wore…

NZ Fashion Week 2015



The weather’s been unpredictable in Auckland recently so I wanted to make sure I was still warm while wandering around the Viaduct. These pants that I borrowed from my friend, are my new obsession (Sorry Sinead, you might not get these ones back). High waisted Stolen Girlfriends Pants – they’re ridiculously comfortable and I love love love the pattern on them. They’re actually sheer (which look rad in Summer) but I wore black tights underneath for warmth.

I also pair this leather jacket with almost every outfit. It’s one of those essentials that everyone needs. Sadly though, mine is a few years old (and its not real leather) meaning it is wearing out. Time to invest in a good quality jacket me thinks.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Jacket: Glassons
  • Top: Uniqlo
  • Pants: Stolen Girlfriends Club
  • Heels: Merchant 1948
  • Bag: Farmers

My favourite part of Fashion Week is actually seeing what everyone else wears rather than what’s on the runway. I get so much inspiration from seeing everyones Street Style. Let me know what your favourite Street Style looks have been for NZFW!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“You can have anything you want. If you dress for it.” – Edith Head

What to Wear: Exercise Gear!

Ever since I’ve started exercising again, I’ve become one of those obnoxious people who wear their workout gear even when I’m not planning on going to the gym. The thing is, because it’s so comfortable, it’s not constricting and because “ath-leisure” is the new trend, it’s socially acceptable to wear your leggings and Nikes out to Brunch.

I do however also wear workout gear for its original intended purpose, and at the moment, this is one of my go to outfits…

AlwaysFridayStyle workout gear

Easy Outdoor Workouts

ilabb jacket

Skechers Shoes

Stephanie Sharp AlwaysFridayStyle

I’ve never been one to spend a lot of money on workout gear, I used to just throw on some old shorts and a tshirt. A few months ago however, I caved and decided to invest in some proper leggings for Winter. These “cold gear” compression leggings are from Under Armour and ER-MER-GERD I love them. They are designed to keep you cool while running but also suck everything in and are extremely durable. I was skeptical at spending $100 on leggings to begin with but now, having worn them multiple times a week, it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re like me, and find it hard to get motivated to go to the gym, pretty workout gear always gives me that little push. I like to stick to mainly black but have little hints of colour or pattern either in my shoes or sports bra. Cotton On Body do great sports bras and they always have bright colours and cool patterns.

What I’m Wearing:

  • Jacket: ilabb
  • Singlet: Cotton On Body
  • Sports Bra: Cotton On Body
  • Leggings: Under Armour
  • Shoes: Skechers

Hope you’re all having a good week!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“No amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart” – Anon.

Louise Douglas Jewellery

For any of you who know me personally (or have a very keen eye) you will know I have a major love for rings and all things silver and shiny. Jewellery has always been a sentimental thing for me – I only ever buy it for myself on special occasions or if a piece really means something to me. Otherwise, It has been gifted to me by people I love. A lot of my jewellery pieces are also from New Zealand designers, which to be honest has not been a conscious decision, but I do love supporting local talent.

Louise Douglas is a jewellery designer based in Nelson here in NZ who makes beautiful handmade pieces. Louise’s designs are inspired by nature and her most recent collection takes inspiration from sea life. As a self confessed beach nut, I fell in love with this collection. The pieces are still simple enough that they will easily fit in with other jewellery you may have, but each have slight detail, making them beautifully unique.

Louise Douglas Jewellery

Louise Douglas Jewellery

Louise Douglas Necklace

Louise Douglas Bespoke Jewellery

All of Louise’s pieces are crafted out of sterling silver and/or bronze dipped in 22k gold, and may be embellished with semi-precious stones or freshwater pearls.

When scrolling through the Louise Douglas website, the thing I was most excited to see was actually a piece from her ‘Garden Botanics’ collection. As some of you may know, the worlds population of bee’s is critically threatened by pesticides and loss of habitat. Bees are more important than you may think as much of our survival depends on pollination from bees. Louise has designed a gorgeous bee necklace (which comes in either silver or gold, accented with a freshwater pearl), which comes with a packet of “bee friendly” wildflower seeds. Not only can you help save the bees by planting these seeds in your garden, but all the proceeds from these seeds go to the Nation Bee Keepers Association of NZ.

Seeds for Bees Louise Douglas

If you want one of these gorgeous necklaces yourself (and to save the bees while you’re at it) make sure you check out the Louise Douglas website: Here.

Most women are stereotypically categorized into either “shoe lovers” or “handbag lovers”. To be fair, I don’t discriminate (I love all shopping haha) but if anything, I’m definitely a jewellery person. I’m rapidly running out of fingers to fit more rings on but if you have any other jewellery recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“Your jewellery should not only make you feel beautiful, it should connect to the beauty that surrounds you” – Louise Douglas

My Street Style: Feat: ilabb

As I’ve said many times before, I’m all about the comfort life. I obviously love dressing up, but for a day to day basis, I’m more of a Nikes girl than a heels girl. Of course, if you can combine style with comfort, it’s a win win, which is why I haven’t been able to stop wearing ilabb recently.

ilabb is a New Zealand based clothing company which stocks mens, womens and unixsex streetwear. Oversized tees, trackies with cute prints and activewear with a twist means you can be comfortable while looking effortlessly cool.

Stephanie Sharp Ilabb

ilabb for AlwaysFriday

AlwaysFriday ilabb

ilabb streetwear

ilabb clothing nz

The top I’m wearing is a mens top because I like the oversized fit, and the design is very unisex. This exact one is currently not in stock but you can find a similar one here: CLICK ME! Add some thermal layers underneath, chuck on your favourite beanie and you’re all set for a Winters night, or those rest days in between skiing (if you’re lucky enough to live near the mountain).

Hope y’all are having a good week – only two days til the weekend!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable” – Mary Oliver

Review: Mosmann Australia Underwear!

Recently I’ve been trying to get back into a solid fitness routine to tone up and generally feel healthier and better about myself. When Mosmann Australia heard about this, they wanted to hook me up with some of their amazing underwear so I could workout in comfort…and lets be honest, I’m not the most motivated person when it comes to exercising, but new workout gear definitely helps!

Mosmann started out as a mens underwear brand but they have recently introduced their women’s range, and I’m so so happy about it. I have never felt underwear that is as soft as this! It’s 95% Bamboo (Which is why it’s so incredibly soft) and 5% Lycra which makes it form fitting to the body, even after it’s been washed (which is very important for work out gear).

These sports bras don’t have any underwire which make them super comfortable to wear but because of this, they may not offer enough support for those of you with a larger chest. My regular bra size is a 12C and find the L sized sports bra fine when working out, but for anyone with a bigger bust than myself, you may find you need extra support. I’ve been wearing mine when I do low intensity workouts such as yoga or circuit training. It’s double layered over the bust which offers enough support but isn’t tight or restricting like some other sports bras.

Mosmann Australia SportsBra

Mosmann Australia Womens Underwear

Mosmann Australia Underwear

Mosmann Australia Eco Range

Mosmann also have a huge range of other everyday comfort underwear made from cotton, elastane and modal all in beautiful fun prints and colours (my favourite is the ‘Ana‘ bralette and high waisted brief in leopard print).

In the above photos, I’m wearing the ‘Monique’ sports bra which can be found here: CLICK ME! If you want to grab yourself anything from the site, the lovely people at Mosmann have kindly given Always Friday readers 25% off if you enter the discount code ‘MOS25STEPH’ at the checkout.

I’m not exactly where I want to be yet, and I’m hardly a fitness model but I hope I have possibly inspired some of you to come on this fitness journey with me! Feel free to leave me comments on here, my Facebook page or Twitter reminding me to workout, I’d love the encouragement!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“A year from now, You will wish you had started TODAY” – Anon.

How to make the most of your Sick Day!

It’s that time of year… Everyone you see is either coughing or sniffling into a pile of tissues. That is of course if you do get to see anyone because everyone is calling in sick to work or canceling dinner plans because they’re at home; coughing and sniffling.

I’m one of those people who has always claimed that I “never get sick”, when in reality I do, I just don’t like to admit it. I don’t like calling in sick to work because I don’t like letting people down and if I stayed home, I’d only be subjected to horrendous day time television (Jeremy Kyle reruns anybody?)

Recently however, I realised I’ve been playing this game wrong the entire time. A few weeks back I had to call into work sick as I had lost my voice and really was in no state to be working. Determined not to feel like the day was wasted I got my 5year old thinking cap on. If I was going to have a sick day, I was going to make damn sure it was the ultimate sick day…

Stephanie Sharp Blogger

…Yes. That is a fort. I built a blanket fort. And it was the best thing ever.

Peter Alexander PJs

The most important factor if you’re having a sick day (Or even just a night in) is comfortable pajamas. These ones are my absolute favourite at the moment and they’re from Peter Alexander. Granted, it is essentially a giant baby-grow, but that’s what is so magnificent about it: built in socks. Super comfy, and super warm, what more could you want? If you don’t love this giant candy-cane look, Peter Alexander is my favourite place for PJs and they have a huge range from novelty print PJs to sexy silky ones.

Bridesmaids Movie

Next step: The essentials. This one is self explanatory. Pizza (Pepperoni is my fave), and a chick flick. If this was just a regular night in, I would add wine to this list but considering I was sick with a sore throat, I thought it was best to stick to lemon honey tea…

Blanket Fort

The fairy lights are obviously unnecessary but look super pretty… and if you’re sick you should sit in low lighting anyway, as to not get a headache 😉

I hope y’all have managed to escape this sickness bug that seems to be going around at the moment! There’s just been a massive dump of snow hit New Zealand over night so hope you’re all staying warm!

Talk Soon,

S. xx

“Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.” – Dave Willis